Characters I Defend


I’m usually pretty mainstream with my tastes in characters – I swoon over the Will Herondales and scream at the Voldemorts of the literary world just like I’m supposed to. But sometimes I go against the grain and love characters who get some serious flak from the book community. So here is my list of top 5 babies fictional characters who I will defend until my last breath.


5. Katniss, The Hunger Games trilogy

Everyone loves Peeta, but Katniss gets a load of criticism for the choices she makes, particularly in the final two books. People seem to forget that she is 16. SIXTEEN. I’m 24, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even make it through 10 minutes of the Hunger Games with my sanity intact, let alone two games and a war!

4. Mal, The Grisha trilogy

Mal made numerous guest appearances in one of last year’s T5W: Characters I Want to Drown. It broke my heart! I can’t understand why so many people hate him – out of all of Alina’s love interests, he was the only one who didn’t have any ulterior motives. Nikolai and The Darkling both courted her for political reasons, at least at first – whether or not either of them truly fell in love with her after that, I was never able to figure out.

3. Andrew, All For the Game series

I’ve seen a few people criticise Andrew’s actions in the first book, and whilst no-one’s been crazy negative about it, it still makes me want to cradle my sarcastic little baby (who would probably murder me for calling him that) and scream at the critics, “KEEP READING!” I’m not saying you’ll necessarily agree with or support his choices, but if you give him a chance and follow through with the series, you’ll understand his character a lot more. Right after you find out about his past and your heart shatters into a million pieces

2. Rhysand, ACOTAR series



1. Chaol, Throne of Glass series

I’ve said it before – Chaol could actually destroy a whole city and I’d probably find a way to justify it. I know a lot of people don’t understand where he’s coming from, especially in the last 2 published books, but I do. All these other characters are off making their big, grand plans for a better world, but who’s looking after all the commoners caught in between? Chaol, that’s who! ❤

Are there any characters you get defensive about?

Much Love,


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18 thoughts on “Characters I Defend

  1. diaryofabookwormartist says:

    I haven’t read any of these books but I thought the post was relay beautifully done. I have a lot of these on my TBR though :).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Summer @ Xingsings says:

    I haven’t read the other books but I certainly agree with your choice with Katniss and Mal. They’re such lovable and dependable characters; I can’t see why readers would dislike them. (Like do people want Alina to end up with the Darkling instead of Mal?!)


  3. hiraethforthepages says:

    BOOM BOOM BOOM AWESOME CHOICES AWESOME ANSWERS! I’ve just finished ACOTAR and RHYSAND. He scares me a little but I SEE THERE’S SOMETHING IN HIM AND I LOVE IT. And Chaol baby 🙂 he’s been through so much I NEED HIM TO BE HAPPY NOW. I will happily defend all my babies from Throne of Glass and the Lunar Chronicles because I’m pretty mainstream too as well as SARKAN AND AGNEISIKA FROM UPROOTED. Oh and Ari and Dante and *babbles on for eternity* I LOVE THEM ALL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • happycomesfirst says:

      Hahaha yayyyy so glad we agree!!! Are you planning to start ACOMAF soon? You’re in for a real treat if you like Rhys 😉 YESSSS OMG CHAOL MY POOR BABY I WILL PROTECT YOU FROM ALL THE HATERS 💔 I haven’t finished TLC & haven’t read Uprooted or Ari/Dante yet but they’re high on my priority list!

      Thanks so much for reading & commenting! 😄 As you can see, I LOVE long comments 😘💕

      Liked by 1 person

      • hiraethforthepages says:

        I’m trying! Sadly my library doesn’t seem to be getting it and there are about five other people before me! I’M LOVING RHYS I CAN’T WAIT! It’s KILLING me everything that is going on I CAN’T CHAOL MUST BE OKAY! Aha, tell me what you think of them! So excited to see how you feel, LET US SHARE THE FEELS!

        Haha, its no problem! It lets my chatty side run for a bit, thank YOU for begin awesome about it 😉 I can tell you there’s going to be a lot more long comments coming in the future!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • happycomesfirst says:


        The book community is the BEST place to seek out fellow souls to comfort you when the feels get too real haha xD

        WOOHOOO!!! Looking forward to ALL the long comments ❤ ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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